Lonar – an eye for an eye.

Every year, on the day after Holi, this small town becomes a biker hangout. Lonar is approximately 500 odd kms from mumbai and is known for the largest salt water crater in the world. Apparently , a few million years ago, this was a site where a meteor struck earth and created a hole in the ground.

Started 4 years ago, biker clubs around mumbai congregate over here to just chill out and exchange pleasantaries over a beer or two.. or three.

This was the first Gaddha mania for the Bisons and 25 bikers left mumbai in the wee hours of saturday . needless to say, the adrenaline was pumping and we rode hard towards the kasara ghats. en route, i had foolishly left my visor open and felt a sharp pain in my left eye, but i rode on , shrugging the pain as a temporary one.. slowly i realised that i could barely see from the eye..

Not wanting to slow the group down, we rode till the next pitstop. by the time i reached, my eye was swollen and red and i could not see a thing out of it. needless to say, riding like this added an edge to the trip. A quick wash and the vision was better and off we went. Not for long though… our first casualty for the bike was immediate, when amol’s bike’s head gave way. we had to stop and arrange for a truck to cart the bike back to mumbai.

Though this was not in the least a very scary episode, it did teach me not to brave the nature and its power foolhardily and to respect it. Never again am i going to ride without proper protection.


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One thought on “Lonar – an eye for an eye.

  1. deepak

    eye is now 20 20… Better than before.. Bike, a bit worse for wear….all ok though

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