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Oil brothers part 2 – The long distance ride…


Ok.. So I promised a detailed analysis of how the Schaeffer Oil performs on a long ride. In case you have not read the first log, you can do it here ( )

I had been given the privilege to lead and captain the RedBums ride organised by Bisons Ride Hard. A week ago, I had serviced my Theia, a classic 500 bullet, and put in the Schaeffer 20w50.

The D day arrived. our ride was to start at Panvel on 26th and the boys were already there waiting for me. Made a note of time and the speedo and a quick tank up later , we started. 

I had already decided that my thump and my engine growl was much better than before. I felt that my initial pickup had also improved. Nothing to rave about, but there is definitely a smoothness to the ride. 

we quickly crossed pune and after negotiating the traffic there, opened up our throttle on the NH4. 

In the initial set of 5 bikers, we had with us 2 desert storms , 1 Chrome , 1 thunderbird AVl and my Classic. Any bullet enthusiast will agree that other than the AVL all others are just branding variations of the same machine  – the classic. 

But there was a difference! I was getting little extra power that was pushing me further and further ahead of the rest of the boys. I was enjoying myself tremendously till I noticed the speedo, I was clocking 135 kmph!!!! . slow down, let the other catch up… 

This is again, not a very difficult feat on the 500 cc bullet. given proper posture and a forgiving road with enough downhill slopes, you can cross the 140 kmph mark. but what I was surprised at was the ease at which I was able to accelerate fro 100 to 120 in the 5th gear. The engine was super smooth and the power output was definitely more than before. 

later , after the ride, Eshan from Schaeffer explained to us the way that the oil helps the engine to perform better. beleive me I felt the difference. 

we soon crossed Kolhapur and were looking for a suitable place to stop for lunch. one by one each of the other 500’s came up to me asking for a fuel stop. Their bikes had reached their reserve. I quickly glanced at my fuel lamp.. not a flicker. 

Pit stop and fueled up… I still had 3 lts approximately left in the tank. This is mind blowing because all of us, without an exception had tanked up at the same place. we had ridden on the same road, almost at the same speed, but their bikes were giving an average of 33- 34 kmpl, while mine was giving me an all time high of 39. That is at least 5 km per liter more that she used to give. The only difference between our bikes was the oil. 

We carried on. Did an awesome ride , completed 1000 kms in less than 24 hours without a hitch. I did not expect the need to top up at the end of the ride and I was right. 

All in All, after using the Schaeffer oil, I can vouch for the fact that yes, My bike ran smoother, gave better mileage and ran problem free for the entire ride. I am a convert and will continue to use their products.

I am in talks with the team here to see what other technical details they can share with me to explain this phenomenon better. I will post more about that soon.

Kudos team at Schaeffer, please keep the oil flowing..


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