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Sore bums, but hoping for many more… The One Saddle ride..


Over the last 1 year, ever since the Bisons were formed, we have been riding once a month. The boys riding kept increasing and on an average around 25- 30 bikes come for all rides. Any biker worth his salt will know shepherding such a large group is not an easy task, and with me bringing up the tail with my tag team partner- Guri Paaji, we are invariably the last and the slowest to reach the destination.

But once or twice a year , a ride comes along that changes all that. we had the RedBums in October where we set new records in riding hard and just a couple of days ago we did the One Saddle.

In january we ride to Shillong to be a part of the biggest and baddest riding event in India, – The Rider Mania. So we had decided that december will be a quiet month, which we would spend nursing our purse and ham strings, in preparation for this epic 3000 + km ride. But the biker in us would not let us do that in peace. So we planned a small ride.

The Concept

One saddle ride was meant to test our riding endurance. Once we kick start our bikes at the start point, we are not allowed to get off the bikes till we reach our destination. We can park our bikes, take a leak, eat, drink , without getting off the bikes. The start point to Dhule ( our end point) is a total of 327 kms and this would be completed with as less pit stops as possible.

The start.

tai briefing

We were briefed silently by our captain . we realised why he was called the Silencer. The summary of what he said is given below

” brothers, thanks… Lets ride to dhule. dont stop, dont get off your bike, saddle up”

This set the tone of the ride itself. we decided , we were to ride only. no chai pani, no butt breaks of either kind. just riding. We were 8 riders on 6 bikes, the smallest group going on a ride from Bisons ever since we started the group.

Tai – the vice captain of course had her share to talk.. and we patiently heard her out..



We started the bikes and after the mandatory group pic, we were off….

startgroup 1







We started slow. In our heads, we had a time of 2hrs 23 minutes to reach deolali. This was the record established during our Jai jawan ride on 15th August this year. The number of bikes were more, but we had zero traffic during that ride.

This one was different. we hit traffic out side shahpur and our chances of bettering that time looked bleak. The bisons dont give up and put our heads down to ride hard to our first pit stop.

We also had 3 bikers who were riding with us for the second time and were obviously nervous. Pratik, Milton and Justin were brilliant after the first hour. They got into the rhythm and were a force to recon with.

we reached deolali. Paaji and I quickly checked our watches. We had reached in 2 hours 9 mins! with the traffic and new riders, we had broken our earlier record. A quick high five later ( without getting off the bikes , of course) we continued.

after nasik we decided to quickly stop for a chai. We found a tapri and gathered around. Again without getting off the bikes sipped our chai’s . A quick photoshoot later, we were off..

IMG_0312up up and away we went. 2 hours and 40 minutes later, we were at our destination.

we had successfully completed our One saddle ride! 327 Kms in 4 hours 50 minutes flat! Once again proving that the Bisons Ride Hard.





After such a hard ride, Beer toh Banta hai yaar! the resort ( manas resorts) were exemplary with their service. Under the hot sun, they served us chilled beer in chilled , frosted beer mugs. 11 beers and 2 full tandoori chickens later we were sated enough to take a quick nap..

deepak's Lumia 900_000169 deepak's Lumia 900_000170









But even here the three newbies decided to trek to the nearby fort. the limited intelligence put the fort around a kilometer away. So away they went. after walking for some distance, they decided that their riding boots were not meant for walking and so they hitched a ride on a passing tractor.

They then trekked a nice 6km to the fort and conquered it by planting the Bisons flag on its ramparts. after spending a few minutes in solitude along with the local grazing cattle, they trudged back , taking a ride on a local truck and another tractor by getting our local foreigner – justin to ask for lifts.

They reached back just in time to wake the rest of us for the evening festivities.

The rest of us were still stuffed with the after noon meal and decided to walk it off. A nice evening walk of a km or so to the nearest dhaba earned us some awesome chai. Maybe there was some additive in the chai, because it inspired both paaji and myself to sing loudly , mostly old hemant kumar and kishore songs, accompanied by  Tai.

Back at the resort, we were met by Dr gautam from Dhule, who had ridden with paaji to the hyderabad RM. They had met only once on the highway, but the good Dr. skipped a marriage to come and meet with us. That is the bond that the thump binds us in. 2 strangers who had met 4 years ago for 2 days were meeting up like the proverbial Bharat milap.

an evening of revelry followed with some more awesome food post which we hit the sack.

The next day, we decided to ride back leisurely. Started after a breakfast of kings, Misal pav, egg bhurji , poha and copious amounts of tea. we started riding and stopped often to take pics . Lunch was at a trucker stop dhaba. Proudly announced as Punjab Da Dhaba – the choice of truckers. IMG_0662

After the yummiest Aloo gobi, dal makhani with dollops of butter , chicken handi and innumerable roti’s later, we literarily rolled out and sped our way towards Mumbai. Traffic snarls near shahpur did not stop us rom reaching our end point 5 and a half hours after we began our journey.

Silencer again silently thanked us , the Vice captain thanked us profusely and we nodded our thanks in between the barrage of words coming out of her. All in all we were super satisfied with the hard riding and the harder eating that we had done during this ride.

Needless to say, our first One saddle was super successful and is surely the first of many such rides that the Bisons would do in the near future.



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