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Optimism – A gift for our future..

Optimism – A small word that encompasses a whole world. As Leibniz puts it, the feeling that this world is the best of all possible worlds.

Without Optimism there is no doubt in my mind that we would be living our lives in despair. Optimism manifests in many ways, optimism that India will lift the world cup once again, Optimism that even in the darkest of times, a ray of light will appear leading to better things, optimism that however badly you have done in your exams, you will get good marks due to a benevolent teacher.  To me optimism is an excuse that we constantly give our-self that life it is worth the hardships we endure daily.

When I look into my life, and try to find a single moment that embodies the optimism that I try to show , I fail. There isn’t just that one moment. Our lives are full of such moments. Life itself would be dreary if this was not so.

What I would like to , however, write about is the catalyst for this Optimism. In my life, I believe there is no larger catalyst than my family and close friends. A friend , a true friend is always there to give you a gee-up when you are down. He infuses a dose of optimism in your life so that you have things to look forward to. But the greatest dose of Optimism , at least in my case , is my family.

I am lucky to be born into a family that is very close. All my life, I have seen the family stick together through thick and thin, through good times and bad. Thankfully , the good times far out number the bad ones.

But let’s think about this. Is this a co-incidence? or is it a function of the attitude showcased by the family. Let me clarify, my family is full of worry warts. My grandfather was well-known in his circle as a tension master, even though he was super cool under pressure. My dad , even though exudes confidence and coolness , tends to worry his head off about small things. My mother is well-known as a cool cat, but when tense, she takes the role of the cat’s cousin – the tiger. But beneath all this, they are able to move along because they believe that even the worst of times will end and the good times will come back. That is Optimism for me.

So in summary, let me go back to the beginning. What is optimism?

As I muse and end this essay, I believe, Optimism shouldn’t just be just about the glass being half full or half empty, it should be just about the glass being there, fill it with the optimism that you exude and live life looking forward to the next day.

As Winston Churchill puts it “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

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They call me inspector gadget!

It’s practically impossible to live in today’s world without , if not having an affinity towards gadgets, at least suffer through their requirement.
Thankfully, I have been lucky to just love new shiny electronic gadgets.. Or have I been lucky…

Appa , though he is a technology green thumb always encouraged usage of new technology at home. I had a pc in my room when the fastest one was a 486 processor ( dunno how many people will even remember those devices) . I remember the days when there was a vsnl student account that could be converted to a full blown graphics account by hacking it, dial up mind you. In the middle of the night I would log in , waking the entire house with the trademarked dial tone and the subsequent strangling noises made by the modem.

I guess, getting exposed to electronics early in life kind of removed then fear of gadgets from my mind.
My first job and dad got me a cellphone.. A Nokia 6110 , shaped likes a brick and weighing almost as much, it was not of great use only because my salary could not cover the call charges.. 16 Rs outgoing and 8 Rs incoming ! Needless to say, I became a champ at the games preloaded….
Fast forward to a better paying job, I just had to have the latest mobile phone. I even had standing instructions with my local customs notified shop who would call me whenever there was a new Model that came in.
Even though I had enough money to spend on these, I would ask my father for permission to buy them. This would be a well thought out strategy, generally involving a call to him when he is travelling and sounding really wanting in a cute baby voice. My father would obviously balk but would invariably give in..thanks Appash….

During those golden years, I believe I have used every phone that came out in the market. What was not available in India, my doting uncles would get those whenever they came down to India .
And then I got married…

To most, now would be a good time to heave those sighs of sadness, because in most cases the wife ensures that such extravaganzas are curbed. But not mine… I still continue to buy the latest gadget with gay abandon.. I have in the last 2 months run through the blackberry torch, the hoc radar, the Samsung galaxy tab, the galaxy note, and I am currently furiously typing on the new iPad .

In today’s age it is important to be tech savvy, but tech crazy? I won’t opine on that….

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