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Healthy Childhood

Oft quoted and more oft ignored is the age old saying Health is Wealth. In our constant search for tangible returns, health is pushed to a distant second to the creature comforts that money can buy.

Healthy living was a practised way of life. eating healthy, breathing healthy, excercising was a part of life. some where down the line, shortcuts were used. The same food were made with frozen food, vegetables grown with pesticides, excercises were substituted by the idiot box, breathing healthy took a back seat to plain gasping for breath. and health took a toll.


When I was younger, and that was a long time ago, supplements were taken only as a measure to aid the natural immunity of the body. Even then, I remember sitting on my grandfather’s knee after dinner with my little spoon in my hand waiting for my spoon full of chavanaprash- a tasty black jelly that smelt of herbs and roots and tasted heavenly. The gooey gel would be religiously licked clean from the spoon and lips would be smacked in absolute tasteful bliss. Fond memories.

This practise also slowly was weaned away during my little sister’s time when the health hazards of the chavanprash was propogated by so called learned doctors.

I firmly beleive that what little of health that I have today has been contributed due to a multitude of reasons, playing outdoors, eating mom’s food, breathing healthy food, etc but also to this practise of a spoonful of health that I consumed for a long period of time.

My wife also tells me of a hectic childhood where playing and frolicking in the sun was a way of life, I need to ask her if she also partook of this nectar.

The reason I write specifically about this is that I now see a whole range of chavanprash’s available in the market. Specifically, the dabur brand, which has been long associated with this product has many such variants of the product.

I remember picking up a bottle in a mall, and was pleasantly surprised to see the ingredients used were primarily ayurvedic. ashwagandha, satavari, bala all proven in ayurveda to be very good for immunity building were present in a beatifully bottled pack.

A bit of research took me to their website

Nostalgia struck again and I have picked up a bottle to try this package of natural goodness. Back to the future, back to the days of young, healthy living. I am not in the least saying that this is solely going to be resposible for me to attain the chiseled healthy look, but any help in this day and age is always welcome as compared to the dreaded doctor’s visit.

Here’s to a happy and healthy life ahead!!!

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