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Man’s Best friend

Its an old adage that a man’s best friend is his dog. I agree.

I have been a do lover ever since i remember. I remember as a kid being bitten by a black pomeranian and to this day , that is the only breed of dog that I don’t enjoy being with. Curiously , ever since, i have been able to do a remarkable rendition of a dog bark.. Maybe some genes transferred during that bite.

My parents , well actually, my mom and grand mom, did not share this love for the canine. Everytime I would ask for one, i would be shot down with comments like, who is going to clean up after the dog, its a huge responsibility, who will walk the dog, what happens when you go to school, or hopefully away from home to a college…
I was told, marry a girl who loves dogs and then you can get one. Lakshmi , likes dogs.. far away from her. inside the house , a dog is a definite no no.

One bonny day in May, i get a call from a dear friend, asking I would like a labrador pup, all of 1 year and trained to boot.
Through the day, I set about convincing lakshmi that this would be the best thing that would happen to us. constant badgering resulted in a desultory yes. My joy knew no bounds and I set up a date to collect the boy ( BEN) the next day.

To say it was love at first sight is an understatement. He came on the ferry, brought by the person who took care of him earlier. calmly sitting on the deck, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, Ben was a sight to behold. A light fawn colour Labrador pup is handsome in normal circumstances, but this was my baby boy, there could be no one more beautiful.


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