Dare to do! Start afresh.

India has changed. when we were growing up in the 80’s and the 90’s Engineering and Science ruled the roost. All other streams were for the people who could not qualify for the 2 streams or could not afford it.

Then the Dot Com phase of India boomed, software services came into play. Careers like BPO’s , Off shore projects started gaining credence and started putting money into the hands of the Young Indian. Luxuries became more accessible to common man/woman.

The other side of the coin is also that since there were so many options available in the market, the propensity to stick to a role or a job started waning. Fathers who had spent 30-35 years in a single Govt. job, had to grapple with sons and daughters changing their jobs every year, for salaries that were unheard of during their time.

This also meant that the rate of burning out increased exponentially. Illnesses that were once the bastion of the old people now reared its head in the lives of youngsters. Mid life crisis was not when one turned 45, but when one turned 30. Its one such Mid life crisis that brought a new meaning to my life.

I had already completed 12 years in a payment industry that was only 15 years old. As a “Veteran” aged 30, I believed that I needed a change in my life. Just married and entering the phase of life, where most would be happy to settle down and live a sedate life, I decided I need another member in my small family.

In came my Royal Enfield standard 500 Cc motorcycle.

This was the perfect way to #StartANewLife and boy did it Jump start a new life. On the bike, on the highway, with friends, I was able to see parts of the country I had only heard of. The adrenaline rush that a motorcycle gives you , the closeness that it brings you to the elements cannot be captured in words.  Not only a hobby , Biking started becoming a way of life for me. This started positively affecting my professional career also! I was fresh , full of life and looking forward to tackling the next day and getting through the day so that I could hit the Highways on the weekend.

I have heard numerous times that each person has a calling that he needs to answer to. If they are able to identify that calling, the word work takes a new meaning itself. Some of the lucky people are able to seamlessly merge their profession and hobbies and lead a very fulfilled life. Some of us may not be so well integrated, but we are getting there. In our networked cities, where everything is currently available online, with books , mobiles, clothes and what not available at the click of a mouse, we now have more time to spend doing what we love. Take for example a chore that each one of us is often burdened with – House hunting. Sites are now available , which are so evolved that house hunting becomes a pleasure and is no longer a dreaded task. A case in point is the New housing.com site. Literally something that we can look up to! Find out more about them in the video given below

I have managed to find my lookup moment in life, here’s hoping you do too!!!

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