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They call me inspector gadget!

It’s practically impossible to live in today’s world without , if not having an affinity towards gadgets, at least suffer through their requirement.
Thankfully, I have been lucky to just love new shiny electronic gadgets.. Or have I been lucky…

Appa , though he is a technology green thumb always encouraged usage of new technology at home. I had a pc in my room when the fastest one was a 486 processor ( dunno how many people will even remember those devices) . I remember the days when there was a vsnl student account that could be converted to a full blown graphics account by hacking it, dial up mind you. In the middle of the night I would log in , waking the entire house with the trademarked dial tone and the subsequent strangling noises made by the modem.

I guess, getting exposed to electronics early in life kind of removed then fear of gadgets from my mind.
My first job and dad got me a cellphone.. A Nokia 6110 , shaped likes a brick and weighing almost as much, it was not of great use only because my salary could not cover the call charges.. 16 Rs outgoing and 8 Rs incoming ! Needless to say, I became a champ at the games preloaded….
Fast forward to a better paying job, I just had to have the latest mobile phone. I even had standing instructions with my local customs notified shop who would call me whenever there was a new Model that came in.
Even though I had enough money to spend on these, I would ask my father for permission to buy them. This would be a well thought out strategy, generally involving a call to him when he is travelling and sounding really wanting in a cute baby voice. My father would obviously balk but would invariably give in..thanks Appash….

During those golden years, I believe I have used every phone that came out in the market. What was not available in India, my doting uncles would get those whenever they came down to India .
And then I got married…

To most, now would be a good time to heave those sighs of sadness, because in most cases the wife ensures that such extravaganzas are curbed. But not mine… I still continue to buy the latest gadget with gay abandon.. I have in the last 2 months run through the blackberry torch, the hoc radar, the Samsung galaxy tab, the galaxy note, and I am currently furiously typing on the new iPad .

In today’s age it is important to be tech savvy, but tech crazy? I won’t opine on that….

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