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Old vs The New

There comes a time in your life, when you upgrade yourself and those incredibly intimate things that are a part of you to a better model. In extreme cases its called a mid life crisis , where you try to do things that you should have done when you were much younger, or in most of our cases, its as simple as upgrading your tech accessories.

There are times when you get so attached to your belongings that changing becomes a task. Yes , I know change is the only constant in life, but that does not mean you should enjoy it.

I love my vehicles… the first love of mine was an ambassador car owned by my father.  KLO 7003… this baby was one year older than I was.  More than a vehicle of people , it was a Vehicle of memories. Dad had a sales job and his office was the car. On the drop of a hat, we would pack our stuff and get into the car to travel to unheard of destinations. The entire back seat was mine, Amma and appa would occupy the front. When we changed the car, 15 years later, I was heart broken.

I bought my own car later, the Alto. True to its ad, it was a let’s go car. 4 years later, when I upgraded to the Corolla, I actually talked to the car and asked him to behave with the new owner. Today my corolla ( eleanor) is as much a part of the family as anyone can be.

Eleanor is now 8 years old, she still roars ( anyone who has been driven in her will vouch) , she gets more cranky now during the rains, during looong rides etc.  But will I replace her? Not until I absolutely have to.

This bond is most apparent when it comes to my bikes.  I ride a Royal Enfield Standard Bullet 500 CC. Every bulleteer worth his salt will identify this beast as the Grand papa of the bullet line.  Thor , is now 9 years old and the technology in him is 50 years old.  Maybe my riding style has changed or he has become old, but in the last one year , there have been major issues with him in almost all the rides I have taken him along.  But will I let go of him. EMPHATIC NO !!!!

Thor- The Grand Papa…

What is the definition of a bond between a biker and his bike? I dont know about others, but my Thor is my sole companion on my rides. All the bikers who accompany me are there to talk to and interact when we stop for a break. But Thor is there with me at all times. He talks and I listen. I talk and he listens.  I have multiple friends who have asked me how I can start the bike , without getting hurt due to the notorious back kick of the bullet. I have, not once , been hurt due to this.  Every break down that I have had on Thor has been within walking distance of a mechanic or some source of help to rectify the problem. Maybe there is a practical reason for this, but I won’t hear of it. My Thor makes sure that I do not suffer more than I have to.

Theia and Me

I have just added Theia to my stable. Theia is Royal enfield Classic 500 , the latest engine from the stable of Royal Enfield. After 2000 Kms, I can vouch that she is far far more reliable on the long rides. Riding her is a pleasure and the pleasure is amplified when I hug the curves of Ghats on her. Ever since I bought her, all the new age Bikers have been having a go at me saying that the new age UCE engines are so much better and that I should have changed long ago.

I still Ride Thor , I will continue to ride Theia , one is not better than the other. One does not choose between their kids and love one of them more ( so I hear).

Passion ? Craziness ? , I will leave it for you to decide,  but for me its Love.

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